Song of Solomon 8

The Shulamite
10 I am a wall,
And my breasts like towers;
Then I became in his eyes
As one who found peace.
11 Solomon had a vineyard at Baal Hamon;
He leased the vineyard to keepers;
Everyone was to bring for its fruit
A thousand silver coins.

The phrase “my breasts like towers” does not intend to describe the appearance of her figure, but simply connects with the idea of a wall used in this and the previous verse. Her honor was strongly defended.

Also we dare not miss the connection between the wise and noble defense of her honor and virginity described in these and the previous verses, and the health and peace she now found in married life. Her wall-like character was an important part of the foundation for the blessed married life she now enjoyed.

(To Solomon)
12 My own vineyard is before me.
You, O Solomon, may have a thousand,
And those who tend its fruit two hundred.

And those who tend its fruit two hundred: It is a little difficult to understand exactly what the maiden refers to here. In context, it is probably a way of giving credit to her brothers for their concern and effort in guarding her honor before marriage.