Song of Solomon 2

The Shulamite
16 My beloved is mine, and I am his.
He feeds his flock among the lilies.

(To Her Beloved)
17 Until the day breaks
And the shadows flee away,
Turn, my beloved,
And be like a gazelle
Or a young stag
Upon the mountains of [d]Bether.

I have not touched on the allegorical side of this book in the bible much at all, but I will today.

Many people think the key to love is finding the perfect person; it is more a matter of finding the person who belongs to you, and you belong to them. “You don’t look at the other person as a status symbol who will raise your prestige… you look at that one as your counterpart, the one who completes you, the one with whom you can joyfully affirm your belongingness.” (Glickman)

Well the same principle can be applied to Jesus and our relationship with Him.

Ways that I belong to Jesus; ways that “I am my beloved’s”:

· I am His by the gift of His Father.
· I am His by purchase, paid for by His own life.
· I am His by conquest, He fought for me and won me.
· I am His by surrender, because I gave myself to Him.

We are the Fathers beloved. We are Kingdom Kids! Turn and run to your love!