Song of  Solomon

The Shulamite
16 Behold, you are handsome, my beloved!
Yes, pleasant!
Also our [k]bed is green.
17 The beams of our houses are cedar,
And our rafters of fir.

My commentary pretty much said nothing about this.
Soooo, I had to do a little more digging:

To top it all off, Solomon, our picture of Christ, reminds her, “…also our bed is green.” The word ‘green’ here is translated from the Hebrew word ‘raanan’ which means verdant (green with growing plants, unripe, fresh), new, prosperous. He was in essence saying, “We have a whole new field to play on. It’s untouched and it’s just for you and me.

Now I have been reading this from the perspective of a man and woman. However, there are many interpretations that say we are the Bride, and Solomon represents Christ. In that we see that the Lord wants a relationship with us built on prosperous and new adventures! Nothing old or stale. Only new fun and vibrant!