I have been trying to remember to do this. I like to recap the chapter to remind us what we read.

Paul and Silas pick up Timothy to join them. They circumcise him.

They tried to go to Bithynia but the Holy Spirit denied them. Paul had a vision of a man from Macedonia. So they traveled there.

They met Lydia the seller of purple and she came to Christ and they stayed at her house.

The slave girl harassed Paul a couple of days, until he cast out the evil spirit.
Paul and Silas were seized, beaten and imprisoned.

While they were worshiping in prison the chains fell off and the doors opened up.
The jailer was going to kill himself but Paul stopped him. The jailer and his entire house received Christ.

They went back to prison.
And day, the magistrate told the jailer to release Paul and Silas. Paul being an uncondemned Roman would not leave secretly and made the magistrate himself come to release him with an apology (pretty much.)

Each day on this journey, Paul and Silas by the Holy Spirit ministered to someone. I believe that it was divine appointment for everyone they spoke with. Even the jailer. We could argue that Paul was not instructed by the Holy Spirit to free the slave girl, and because of that should not have gone to prison at that moment. However, the Lord always had them in a position to minister. So maybe the jailer received something not necessarily meant for him!

This chapter was a long journey have preaching and persecution.